Water Lilies store

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
In order to lighten the fragmented walls and contrary to the expectation and taste of the public — who likes the use of bright colors to make the spaces appear bigger — the color of all these physical elements was chosen black. With the aim that the accesses are not clearly visible in the spatial circulation, angular white plates included the functional elements of the architecture (main sales counter, a set of LCDs and a set of lightboxes).
The idea behind the LCDs was to establish a direct connection between this store and the other branches, and secondly, to turn the space into a medium that affects the experiential perception of people in an old place like Molawi neighborhood.
To make optimal use of the little space, the entire staircase, in addition to the functional role of access and communication, also plays the role of a storage space and hosts static and dynamic cigarette storage cabinets.

Molawi District, Tehran, Iran 

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
A&T Consulting Architects.
Project by Armeti Rahmani, Lead Architect and Designer in A&T Consulting Architects.