WWF Observation Cabins

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About the project
In this project, we were supposed to design three different types of observation points (located on the ground, at water level, and a raised observation point), dedicated to the observation of the lagoon fauna by professionals and visitors, and a visitors’ center. The site of the project was located in the lagoon of Orbetello, an amazing environment rich in different flora and fauna. We designed the project considering different circumstances. The main concept of the project was maximum adaptation with the surrounding nature. In fact, the most important thing was trying to use environmental-friendly materials locally available such as reused terracotta shingles, limestone gabions (an indication of Orbetello houses and Tuscany architecture respectively), recycled polycarbonate sheets, and so on, to avoid putting strain on the environment. Another important factor was construction methods which we tried to select the ones that affected less on the site and fauna’s environment.

Lagoon of Orbetello, Italy

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Applicant and authors of the project
Architectural design and building company located in Iran. We are a group of young architects (4 recently graduated students in Building science), who try to define a new way of designing in the border of humans and technology. Our company started last year and our mission is to prove to the world that architecture can affect lives and environments so let's build it for a better future.
Project by Ami rMohammad Azizi, Seyedeh Gelareh Sanei, Nahal Doosti, Zahra Rahbarinezhad.