1. Best Architectural Design for Museum

Museum in Nossa Senhora da Luz ruins (Peniche, Portugal) 

Museum of Light (Mumbai, India) 

Center of the Russian Navy History, Museum (Kronshtadt, St. Petersburg, Russia)

Pages of Tarusa museum (Kaluga Region, Russia)

2. Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

HYDRA. New media art against eco anxiety (Sevkabelport, St. Petersburg, Russia)   

Designing the Future (Moscow, Russia) 

Lost in Newsreel immersive installation (St. Petersburg, Russia)

3. Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

The Playboy of the Western World (Perm, Russia) 

Harvest (Moscow, Russia) 

Deadline (Tambov, Russia) 

Lord of the Flies (Bugulma, Tatarstan, Russia) 

Arbenin. Masquerade without words (Moscow, Russia) 

Black Chamber (Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia)

4. Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

Restoration of Pogankin Chambers (17th century) (Pskov, Russia) 

Restoration of Arsenal Hall in Gatchina Palace (Gatchina, Leningrad Region, Russia) 

Smolny cathedral — complex restoration (St. Petersburg, Russia)

5. Best Project of Residential Estate

DOMEN Multifunctional Residential Complex (Belgorod, Russia) 

Nilux residential complex (Tehran, Iran) 

Desert Sparkle (Saudi Arabia) 

Marinabitants at Nice (France)

6. Best Implemented Project of Residential Estate

The Scheepmaker (Haarlem, the Netherlands) 

Shree Town (Chattisgarh, India) 

JAZZ multifunctional residential estate (Moscow, Russia)

7. Best Project of Public Building or Facility

Turka-Peski Resort, multifunctional culture and business center at Baikal (Republic of Buryatiya, Russia) 

From Nature to Nature (Tuscany, Italy) 

Sergey Kuryokhin Modern Art Center — Reconstruction (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Alanian Gardens eco-resort (Stavropol Territory, Russia)

8. Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

KARMANNS HOTEL (Kaliningrad Region, Russia) 

American School Foundation of Guadalajara (Mexico) 

The Indonesian Culture, Tourism, Commerce Exhibition Center of 'One Belt One Road' National Bamboo Structure Expo (Guangdong Province, China) 

Shanghai International Financial Center (Shanghai, China) 

Sky Yards Hotel (Henan Province, China) 

Hitra Office Building (Tehran, Iran) 

Kyrkhlyar, old Muslim cemetery in Derbent (Dagestan, Russia) 

MY SECRET | The Floating and private SPA (Milan, Italy) 

Tetra Food Hall (Iran)

9. Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

Mariinsky Theater Concert Hall, Southern Block, Rakhmaninov Hall (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Financial Entity Auditorium (Moscow, Russia) 

MOST Restaurant (Novgorod Region, Russia) 

Villa Destiny Tulum (Quintana Roo, Mexico) 

Moscow Market (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Rostropovich Philharmonic Hall — interior design (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) 

La Villa Bantou restaurant (Brussels, Belgium) 

MISHKA Restaurant (Kamchatka Territory, Russia)

10. Best Implemented Landscape Architecture Project

Zanevsky Park — beautification (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Dostoevsky Embankment beautification with bank protection (Novgorod Region, Russia) 

Kaban lake system (Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia)

Soyuz Park (Penza, Russia) 

Square garden at Novosmolenskaya Embankment (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Sofiyskaya Embankment of the Volkhov River (Veliky Novgorod, Russia) 

Step over the horizon (Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia)

11. Best Project of Private Residence

Bohem Project (Tehran, Iran) 

Melancholia (Saratov, Russia) 

Chahar Gah Villa (Iran) 

Mountain House (Vancouver, Canada) 

Garden house on the float (Krasnodarskiy kray, Russia) 

Layers Villa (Iran)

12. Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

Casa Avándaro (Mexico) 

Nest House (São Paulo, Brazil) 

Residência AF (São Paulo, Brazil) 

MeCa (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 

Moshref villa (Mazandaran, Iran) 

Sky Villa (Mazandaran, Iran) 

Mirai House of Arches (Rajasthan, India) 

Rustic style country house (Moscow Region, Russia) 

RUBIC JGC (Jakarta, Indonesia) 

D.O.M.+ / House above the apple tree (Moscow, Russia)

13. Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

Apartment at Petrovsky Boulevard (Moscow, Russia)

Apartment in Malachite RE (Krasnodar, Russia)

Hideout Cocoon (Bali, Indonesia)

Modern classics with vivid highlights (Moscow, Russia) 

GL-RESIDENCE (Moscow Region, Russia) 

Mirai House of Arches interior (Rajasthan, India) 

Apartment in Champion Park RE (Yekaterinburg, Russia) 

Luxurious flat in Brussels (Brussels, Belgium) 

Penthouse in Leontievsky Cape RE (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Melancholy in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

14. Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

Pine Glamping Villa (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) 

LenExpo aquatic complex (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Cultural leisure center (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Marine Research Laboratory in Vigo (Galicia, Spain) 

A New Beginning: X City — Under The Moon (Lunar Space Station) 

BIRD space observation pavilion (Barcelona, Spain) 

Opera and ballet theatre in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia) 

The WAVE (Skenderaj, Kosovo) 

Marine life research center (Aden, Yemen) 

15. Best Project of Public Space by Student

Jazz School & Club in Porto (Portugal) 

Beautification of the shoreline in Yekateringofsky Park (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Pandemic Diseases Museum (Iran) 

Astronomy Education and Research Center (Ghent, Belgium) 

Palestinian Cinematecture: Recapturing Reality via Architecture Narrative (Bethlehem, Palestine) 

Historic environment regeneration (Yaroslavl, Russia) 

Creation and landscaping of public space at the Dudergof Canal embankment (Duderhof Canal, St. Petersburg, Russia) 

16. Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

Restoration of glazed tile stove in Pogankin Chambers, 17th century (Pskov, Russia) 

St. Nicholas Church of Emergency Management University — interiors (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

17. Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art

Two-storey apartment in the centre of Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) 

Apartment for interior designer (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Ethnic style apartment in Botanika RE (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

«Tryst With Donald Judd» (Bihar, India) 

Yashoda Cancer Hospital (Uttar Pradesh, India) 

18. Best Design Project for Library

Central modular library of Mokshan Village (Penza Region, Russia) 

Library for 610 public school (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Points of View, library for blind and visually impaired people (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

19. Best Implemented Creative Space Design

Container Hall, cultural hub (Murmansk, Russia) 

Rails Center of Contemporary Art (Tver, Russia) 

Workshop by Qubis (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Multifunctional space at AVITO office (St. Petersburg, Russia)

20. Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

Nikolay Lubimov memorial (Kaluga Region, Russia)

Samuil Marshak Memorial (Moscow, Russia) 

LUBLULUB (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Alexander Grin Memorial (Kirov Region, Russia)