1. Best Architectural Design for Museum

Deep Time Palace. The Eye of the Museum (China)  

Kilicarslan villa II and excavation site «PINHAN» (Turkey)  

CROSS-SECTION Modern art museum (Russia)  

Army Biscuit Factory in Kronshtadt – restoration and readjustment (Rusia) 

Museum park in Seoul (Korea)

2. Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

You are here. Always. Today. And ever after. (Russia) 

Mirror Plate. Russian Provincial Portrait in the 18th through 19th centuries (Russia)    

Mikhail Vrubel (Moscow, Russia)  

Evgeny Khaldey. The epoch in shots. State Museum of History (Russia) 

Siberian Dreams (Russia)

Alexander the Great. Way to the East — exhibition from the State Hermitage collection (Russia) 

Balabanov — tour exhibition (St. Petersburg, Russia)  

Immersive Exhibition in the Naval Glory Museum, part of Isle of Forts Cluster (Russia)

3. Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Garden (Russia)  

From the Cedar Tribe (Russia)

Love the Marquez Style (Russia)  

The Dead City (Russia)  

Dark Days. Muhajirun play based on the dilogy novel by Makhmud Galyau (Russia) 

‘R’ is for Revisor by Gogol – Essay (Russia) 

The Mystery of the Third Planet (Russia) 

The Three Comrades (Russia)

4. Best Implemented Restoration Project

XVIII-XIX-Century Estate with a Park — former Monrepos Park (Russia)  

Vitoslavlitsy Wooden Architecture Museum — Comprehensive Restoration (Veliky Novgorod, Russia)  

Facades and roofs of Olga Chizhova’s City Estate — restoration and readjustment (Russia) 

Accident prevention works in the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Berezhnaya Dubrova Village (Russia)  

Restoration of the family chapel in Gatchina Palace (Russia)  

Winter Garden of the Anichkov Palace — Restoration (Russia)  

St. Savior Tower of the Kazan Kremlin — restoration and preservation (Russia) 

House of Merchant Mashtakov, dating back to the early 20th century — restoration and readjustment (Russia)  

Rukavishnikov Bank — preservation of the cultural heritage site (Russia)  

Church of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Russia)

5. Best Implemented Reconstruction Project

CR Offices (Mexico)  

Reconstruction of the eastern grandstand of Tula cycling track (Russia)  

Volcano Restaurant rearranged to become Okeanrybflot Museum (Russia)  

Youth Center in Perm — reconstruction (Russia)  

Facade restored at Barmaleyev Street (Russia)  

South Riverside Station — Restoration (Russia)  

San Tola (Quito, Ecuador)  

Mosaic timpans made at the facade of the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (Russia)  

Zotov — Constructivism research center (Moscow, Russia)

6. Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

Cyan (Iran)  

Kimber Una Places (Brazil)  

Larma (Mazandaran, Iran)  

Sky Deck 72 (India)  

Wall Villas (Iran)  

Sweet Home (Russia)  

Edifício Casa Pium-í (Brazil)  

Blue Jungle (Italy) 

Sukan Baghdad Eco Smart City (Iraq)

7. Best Implemented Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

mo288 (Mexico)

8. Best Project of Public Building or Facility

Nefaar: Belvedere for a Flaneur (Iran)  

Beryozovo Hutor Resort at Ladoga Lake (Russia)  

Wainakh 5 Star Hotel in the mountains (Ingushetia, Russia)  

The Skies Kenozero Lands Depositary (Russia)  

Nokha Village School (India)  

Nuestra Tierra Kindergarden (Argentina)  

Wines of Tsymlyansk Plant — Tourist Gentrification (Rostov Region, Russia)  

Torre Rinalda (Italy)  

Chabahar international Airport (Chabahar, Iran)  

Betancourt Garden multifunctional complex (Russia) 

Multifunctional culture center in Buenos Aires (Argentina) 

Konya Aleaddin Hill Archeological Site Arrangement (Turkey)  

CITIC Urban Development & Operation Nanbianhai Project, Sanya (China)  

Administrative building — reconstruction (Russia) 

SCA Arena Sports and Concert Complex (Russia)  

Derakhte Toot School (Iran)  

Mega Dune Ecolodge (UAE)  

Ultramontane Tavertet — eco hotel at the hillside (Spain)

9. Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

The Rink Fitness (Russia)  

Summer Book Alleys at Malaya Konyushennaya Street (Russia)  

Anahita factory office building (Tehran, Iran)

10. Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

Book Store at Nevsky Prospect: Interiors (St. Petersburg, Russia)  

MULTI PLAN (Russia) 

Sant Cafe (Russia)  

NIMANY Gallery (Iran)  

RBK Media Group — office in St. Petersburg (Russia) 

CLAVIS Restaurant (Krasnodar, Russia)  

#together neighbourhood centre (Russia)  

Sensify SPA (Russia)  

Studio Formica (Minas Gerais, Brazil)  

Cathedral Temple in Kaliningrad — Lobby (Russia)

11. Best Project of Private Residence

Artist's Villa (Iran)  

Casa SI.MA (Jalisco, Mexico)  

Casa Silveirinha (Portugal)  

Hidden House in Lagos (Portugal)  

Sea Moon (Turks and Caicos Islands, UK)  


Infinity Chalet (Italy)  

Ambiversion House (Iran)  

Eagle Mansion Signature Villa (Egypt)  

Casa Oliveira (Mozambique)  

Villa Sepid (Iran)  

Unity Villa (Iran) 

Kabdesar Villa (Iran)  

Ney Villa (Iran)  

Fiora Villa (Iran)  

Forest Villa (Perhentian islands, Malaysia)  

Concrete Villa (Iran)  

Villa & Landscape Design in Damavand (Tehran province, Iran)  

Talesh Garden House (Iran)  

Dual Villa (Iran)  

Mycelium House (Colombia)  

Dr. Fausto's House (Mexico)  

THE COMPACT HOUSE — TCH_01 (Nigeria)  

Monan Farm (Brazil)  

Silveira Residence (Goiás, Brazil)

12. Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

D.O.M.+ `90M2 / TEA HOUSE (Russia) 

Pitaya House (Ecuador)  

Tamanaco House (Mexico)  



Pool House (Switzerland)  

 Snake House (Argentina)  

 Three Tree House (Costa Rica)  

 Café House (Minas Gerais, Brazil)

13. Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

Alabyana (Russia) 


Savanna in bloom (Russia)  

Esper Club (Russia)  

Apartment in the monastery cells built in the 18th century (Russia)  

A house at the seaside (Russia) 

Designer's apartment (Russia)  

Lake side Villa Community (Russia)  

One-room 38-square-meter apartment with open-plan kitchen and walk-in closet (Russia)  

Trust Home (Iran)

14. Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

 Dalan Khaneh (Esfahan, Iran)  

Serva Commune (Indonesia)  

Business cluster with a culture center (Russia)  

Improvement of the territory of the Apple Orchard with the construction of a hotel complex in the city of Pskov (Russia) 

SPA in the mountains (Georgia)  

Tennis club – interior design project (Russia)  

Nursing home for the elderly (Russia)  

Lachute Train Station (Canada)  

Residential development within a district (Russia)  

Culture and business facility in the Ex Macello Butchery in Milano (Italy)  

Mixed-Use Project (Saudi Arabia)  

Multifunctional complex in a district of Salekhard (Russia) 

A public center in Ortomercato District (Italy) 

Public and cultural center in Milan (Italy)  

Art Shelter (Iran)  

Multifunctional complex in a residential block (Italy) 

Multifunctional complex in a residential block (Russia) 

TATLIN park pavilion (Russia)

15. Best Project of Public Space by Student

Bridge and Walls (Italy) 

Pisa Sea Gate (Italy)  

World of Water – museum complex in Saratov (Russia) 

Gorky central city library — interior design (Russia)  

The Green Healing Clinic (Iran)  

Multifunctional library in Ivangorod 

Multifunctional facility that includes readjusted workshops of the Radishchev Tannery (Russia)  

Museum of Emotions (Russia)  

Sun’s Lullaby Park (Russia) 

Pasren Rahayu (Indonesia)  

PORTA DEGATIA — Embankment in Pisa (Italy) 

Raivola (Russia) 

 16. Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

Facades of Russian school (Tajikistan)

17. Best Design Project for Library

Nokha Garden Library (India)  

«La Charapa» Public Library (Peru)  

Library Number 1 named after Nadezhda Krupskaya — interiors reconstruction (Russia)

18. Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

Memorial to dramatist Alexander Moiseyevich Volodin (Russia) 

Fyodor Dostoyevsky Memorial (Kaluga Region, Russia)  

Karelian way / Karielan Tie (Tver Region, Russia)