1. Best Architectural Design for Museum

CUBE – museum and exhibition center of contemporary art (Russia)

Extraterrestrial Echoes Pyramid Encounter Museum (Egypt)

Museum of Discovery and Science (Iran)

Museum of Glass and Light (Russia)

Ocean Fishing Fleet Museum (Russia)

2. Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

Architectural Materials at ARCH Moscow 2023 (Russia)

Historical and art diorama museum ‘Battle of Kursk – Belgorod direction’ (Russia)

Restoration of Historical “Postal Station Manager's House” (Russia)

3. Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

At the Edge of Africa (Russia)

Central Hotel (Russia)

Crime and Punishment (Russia)

Crime and Punishment. Dreams and Anguishes of Rodion Raskolnikov (Russia)

Cyrano de Bergerac (Russia)

Idegey Epic

Last summer in Chulimsk (Russia)

Marriage (Oryol, Russia)

Onegin (Russia)

Pink Kerchief, Blue Shawl by Umay Lab

Rhinocéros (Russia)

The Desire to Live (Russia)

The Suicide (Russia)

4. Best Implemented Restoration Project

Apartment house at Povarskaya Street – restoration (Russia)

Chapel near Snyatnaya Gora built in the 18th century — preservation (Russia)

Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit (Russia) 

Conservation of the 19th century Church of Epiphany (India)

Gromovaya (Tupinskaya) Tower – restoration of the cultural heritage site (Russia)

Niy Architectural Complex — restoration (Ingushetia, Russia)

Restoration of the theatre building on Malaya Bronnaya (Russia)

Tenement House of Khryashchov and Vargin — preservation of the cultural heritage site (Russia)

5. Best Implemented Reconstruction Project

Facade mosaics of the Cathedral Mosque in Kogalym — restoration (Russia)

Front entrance to a private manor — restoration. A dragon canopy (Russia)

Naval Glory Museum as part of the Fort Isle Cluster (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Tri-bridge in a residence (China)

6. Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

Andeza Tower (Mexico)

Apartment center in the Black Sea Coast (Russia)

Apartments of Cedar (Iran)

Astra Marine (Russia)

ASTRVM (Russia)

CASAMIRADOR Via Láctea (Brazil)

Chaika Residential Complex (Russia)

Club apartment house (Indonesia)

Club house at Pushkinskaya Street (Russia)

G & W (Tehran, Iran)

Graphic housing in Žvėrynas (Lithuania)

Khazar Coastal Residential Complex (Iran)

Maresias Residential (Mozambique)

Multifunctional housing for elderly people (Moscow, Russia)

Namel (Tehran, Iran)  

Noyazd (Iran)

Residential business class estate in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Residential Estate at 61 Sofiyskaya Street (Russia)

Residential estate in Omsk (Russia)

Residential estate with commercial premises and an underground parking (Russia)

Shagal (Russia)

The GLENN Apartment (Nigeria)

White & Green House (Iran)

7. Best Implemented Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

Ariosto (Russia)

Etalon na Neve / Paragon on the Neva (Russia)

Garinsky Residence (Russia)

Organic Rosario (Argentina)

Park Place (Dominican Republic)

Qortba Residential Project (Saudi Arabia)

Ras Houses (India)

TULIX (Mexico)

Zendegi Building (Iran)

8. Best Project of Public Building or Facility

Aban Medical Clinic (Iran)

Akhtar School (Iran)

Beris Echo-Camp (Iran)

Blurring Limits (Estonia)

Chagha (Iran)

Chiatta Trapezio — Barge City in Milan (Italy)

City Moon (Iran)

Ciudad de las Artes Indígenas — CAI / City of Indigenous Arts (Mexico)

Dope Crabs Beach Restaurant & Bar (Sri Lanka)  

Entrepreneurial tower in Dubai (UAE)

FOGO (Portugal)

Glamping — making nature part of the house (Russia)

Heart Spiritual Retreat (Cuba)

Interschool center for 1,500 students (Russia)

Kosatka Restaurant (Russia)

Malek Cheshmeh Therm (Iran)

Meeting Place (Argentina)

Mercury Hotel (Iran)

MORFAVERSE 2.0 (Mexico)

Multifunctional biathlon complex (Russia)

Palace of Water Sports (Russia)

PixHotel (Croatia)

Pow House (Iran)

Restaurant (Kolasin, Montenegro)

Sama Music Pavilion (Iran)

Sensilla office and leisure complex (Italy)

SOLOMA Spa (Russia)

Timbues Technical School 712 (Argentina)

Tower Chapel (Moscow Region, Russia)

Ural Federal University campus (Russia)

Urban Park Food Court (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

9. Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility


LLFP Meydan School (UAE)

Maple Boulevard Metro Station (Russia)

Office of Chado Architectural Studio (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)

Shum Yip Health City Exhibition Center (China)

South Riverside Station (Russia)

Wisma Matahari Power (Indonesia)

10. Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

53 Degrees Foothill Coffee Whiskey Pavilion (China) 

Alfa Elevator office (Iran)

Bel Corpo Studio (Moscow, Russia)

BlackChops — English pub and restaurant (Russia)

Dr. Wash Laundry (Iran)

Frankie Pizzeria (Russia)

Island woodwork showroom (China)

Office for Monopolia Company (Russia)

Pechatniki Metro Station (Russia)

Picasso Restaurant (Kazan, Russia)

Rukavishnikov Bank — interior design (Russia)

Rustic Rays restaurant (India)

Ryotei Restaurant (Russia)

Seven Visions Dvin Hotel (Armenia)

Sonrisa Gallery Clinic (Iran)

SPA WAVE and beauty parlor (Russia)

Spasibo Pan-Asian Restaurant (St. Petersburg, Russia)

VATTE Coffee Shop (Russia)

Visage.Concept (Russia)

VYSOTA fitness (Russia)

11. Best Project of Private Residence

A House to Stay (Iran)

Abkenar Villa (Iran)

Arjun Residence (India)

Ashram House (Latvia)

Awali Villa (Awali, Bahrain)

Baltic Riviera 250 (Russia)

Bird House (Bahia, Brazil)

BONA (Russia)

Brick House in Adygea (Russia)

Casa Barreira (Portugal)

Casa Basso (Brazil)

Casa das Escotilhas (Brazil)

Casa Guapuruvu (Brazil)

Casa Portobello III (Peru)

Casa Taió (Brazil)

Copali House (Morelia, Mexico)

DO Xāné, DO Hayāt (Iran)

DOM_K27 (Russia)

Fella House (Argentina)

Folding House (Brazil)


Guest house with a camping site at the Finnish mill (Russia)


HIGHLAND villa (Russia)

La Piedad Home (USA)

Magentix (Russia)

Maximus House (Santa Catarina, Brazil)

MC House (Brazil)

Mian Khaneh (Iran)

Modern urban house (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Mr. Piri Villa (Iran)

Pride House (Leningrad Region, Russia)

Private house (Russia)

Private house in Parkovy villa community (Russia)

Procurator's House (Russia)

Residence in the woodland park (Russia)

Sadovaya 46 (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Sereia Villa by Mandala Eco Village (Indonesia)

Socotra Shelter (Socotra, Yemen)

Tabesh Villa (Iran)

The Bridge House (Iran)

Toranj (Iran)

VA House (Iran)

Villa 300 (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)


WE.LLA (Russia)

12. Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

Albar House (Mexico)

Anar Villa (Iran)

AYG HOUSE (Mexico)

Be.St.Be PERSPECTIVE (Russia) 

Be.St.Be SMART HOUSE (Russia)

CASA CACHO (Argentina)

Casa Laguna (Argentina)

Casa Rita (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Casa Sur (Argentina)

Country house: nature as an experience (Brazil)

Daaji's Home (India)

Djabak House (Brazil)


Himadri (India)

Nilo House (Mexico)

Onegin Park (Russia)

Parallel Villa (Iran)

Scorpio House by Veluvana Bali (Indonesia)


Villa Exposure (Iran)

Z House (Brazil)

13. Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

Aikyam (India)

AKAOTO (Russia)

Apartment at Krestovsky Island (Russia)  

Apartment for an artist (Russia)

Apartment in Galaxy Premium RE (Russia)

Apartment in Geneva RE (Russia)

Apartment in the Brodsky club house (Russia)

APARTMENT_M103 (Russia)

B Land (Belarus)

Be.St.Be SMART HOUSE Interior (Russia)

Copper (Russia)

Corsal House (Mexico)

Di Loreto's apartment (Italy)  

Eclectic family apartment (Russia)

From taste to memories (Brazil)

Hunter's house (Russia)

Jacarandá (Argentina)

JR HOUSE (Brazil)

Lipki (Russia)

New-York at Vilensky Lane (Russia)

Residence at the Gulf of Finland (Russia)

Theodora House — interiors (Russia)

Time machine (Russia)

14. Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

5-star Rock Hotel, part of TERRACOTA eco-resort (Russia)

A high-rise house in Yekaterinburg (Russia)

Aden International Airport (Yemen)

Airport (Russia)

Airport in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Air-terminal complex (Russia)

Art and Culture Center of the Royal Road: Assuming architecture as a claim for memory (Ecuador)

Articulated life unit: culture and recreation (Colombia)

Children's art school (Russia)

City Planetarium on the territory of the Apple Orchard (Russia)

City public centre in Yaroslavl (Russia)

Cultural public center in the premises of Polytechnic University (Russia)

Di:Antara (Indonesia)

Elysium Haven Hotel (Cuba)

Garden Neighbourhood (Ndjamena, Chad)

Horizonte Curvo (Argentina)

Hotel in the Apple Orchard (Russia)

Hudson Piano House (Argentina)

Kindergarten 12 (1951) – readjustment for modern use with premises beautification (Russia)

Kindergarten in a residential block (Russia)

Levashovo Airport and Museum, project by Mercedes Tropillo (Russia)

Levashovo Airport, project by Ekaterina Putrolainen (Russia)

Levashovo Airport, project by Savely Lugovskoy (Russia)

Levashovo Airport, project by Sofia Ilyina (Russia)

Luch multifunctional facility at Rizhskaya Metro (Russia)

Medical R&D center in St. Petersburg suburbs (Russia)

Medieval architecture of the Caucasus — regeneration (Georgia)

Mercalli Cultural Center (Iran)

Mixed-use residential estate in Tomsk (Russia)

Private residence in Sestroretsk (Russia)

Public center for a village with 2,000 residents (St. Petersburg, Russia)

R&D center in the Arctic Region (Russia)

R&D center in the Arctic Region (Russia)

Rescue services — new typology (Russia)

 Research Institute of Archeology at Cape Okhtinsky (Russia)   

Residential quarters at Galernaya Harbor (Russia)

Retreat center for the visually impaired (Iceland)

Student campus (Russia)

The Hive Complex (Iran)

The Villa of Hope (Iran)

Training and laboratory uptown campus for SPBGASU (Russia)

Une Papillon Airport (Russia)

Urban villa in Lembolovo (Russia)

Villa Teyuna (Colombia)

Waste recycling complex (Russia)

15. Best Project of Public Space by Student

Agro-tourist farm (Poland)

Apple garden in Pskov — design and beautification (Russia)йоне Яблоневого сада, г. Псков (Россия)

Atrium premises of the technology park and training center for the Herzen State Pedagogical University — interiors (Russia)

Beautification in the heart of the village (Russia)

Beautification of the Velikaya Embankment (Russia)

Center of contemporary art in Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

E + S + A for Education + Science + Art (Russia)

Embankment and square at the Southern Cape in Sortavala — public spaces development (Russia)

Ingí-Andé Ecotourism Bioportal, Amazonian paradise Orito-Putumayo (Colombia)

Interior design for the culture and exhibition venue in St. Anna Church (Russia)

More than a courtyard — beautification concept for ITMO (Russia)

Okkervil Park (Russia)

Praetervehor (Indonesia)

Public spaces beautification concept for Sortavala (Russia)

Reconstruction of the technology park and training center for the Herzen State Pedagogical University (Russia)

Recovery of Port Vladimir Settlement in the Murmansk Region (Russia)

Restorative Environments Regeneration: A Solution for Equality and Refuge (Iran)

River Gates of St. Petersburg — Renovation (Russia)

Sofeh Mountain Park Entrance (Iran)

Sortavala. Embankment and park along Lenina and Parkovaya streets (Russia)

Svabhava Contemplation Centre (Indonesia)

Teplovodsky Channel — public amenities designed for the teens (Russia)

Transpace (Indonesia)

Transport hub in Krasnoyarsk (Russia)

VERSTA — Tosno central library (Russia)

16. Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

A fireplace, a friso, and some furniture inserts for a private residence (Russia) 

Ceramic icon featuring Martyr George Victorious for the temple facade in Gzhel (Russia) 


CLOUDS panel (Russia)

Fireplace for a villa in Aprelevka (Russia) 

Handmade ceramic panels for Notes Gastronomy & Bar (Azerbaijan) 

17. Best Design Project for Library

Central City Library in Kommunar Town — Renovation (Russia) 

Children’s library – interior design project (Russia) 

Interiors of Orsk Library Department No. 5 (Russia) 

Iranian Art Library and Culture Center (Iran) 

Library in Nikolskoye Arts School (Russia)

NOTA library and culture center (Russia) 

Portal – the library multimedia facility (Russia) 

Public Library (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Renovation of Esenin Library (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

18. Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

«La Transparencia Es» (Mexico) 

Eclipse Garden (Russia) 

Memorial sign for Peter Nikitin, an outstanding Russian architect from the 18th century (Russia) 

Memorial to Oleg Kuvayev (Russia) 

Memorial to Seraphim of Sarov in Diveyevo (Russia) 

Roll On, Time – art object in Gorky Park (Russia)