1. Best Architectural Design for Museum

ACRIS Design Museum (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) 

Geomdan Museum Library Cultural Complex (South Korea) 

NuMu Museum (Santiago, Chile) 

Popular Art Interpretation Center // Popular Art Museum (Peru) 

Tartu Cultural Centre (Estonia) 

The Guild (India)

  1. Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

Ararat Muzeum in Ararat Pavilion, VDNKh (Russia) 

Childhood in Leningrad in 1920 through 1980 (Russia) 

Christian Ladoga (Russia) 

Ocean Fishing Fleet Museum – Exposition (Russia) 

Reasonable co-existence (Russia) 

  1. Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

«Rodya», adapted from Feodor Dostoevsky’s «Crime and Punishment» (Russia) 

Cabbala of Jaspers / Moliere (Russia) 

Dunka’s Fortune (Russia) 

El Cimarron — Opera by Hans Werner Henze (France) 

Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man (Russia) 

La Traviata opera (Russia) 

Love. Plague. Verona (Russia) 

Maugli Musical (Russia) 

Peter I Musical (Russia) 

Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi (Russia)

Snow. Snow (Russia) 

The Abduction from the Seraglio (Russia) 

The Lover Boy (Russia) 

Vass (Mother) Performance (Russia) 

Viy/Beyond the Line (Russia) 

  1. Best Implemented Restoration Project

CASA 4 SIGLOS (Mexico)

Link of Times Triptych — Restoration (Russia)

Palace and park ensemble in Zhilichi Village (Republic of Belarus)

  1. Best Implemented Reconstruction Project

Art Alley Cafe (Iran) 

Classical elite education lyceum in Rostov-on-Don (Russia) 

History museum of Yunhe middle school (China) 

IZZZI 3 Star Hotel (Russia) 

Nakhl eco_resort (Iran) 

Santa Catarina Apartments (Portugal)

Villa 295 (Iran) 

  1. Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

... ALL IN ONE Apartments (Kazakhstan) 

Aaraaha Pride (India) 

Alannah Main Bay (Mexico) 

Business Class Apartment House in Voronezh (Russia) 

Chalus residential building (Iran) 

City Bay (Moscow, Russia) 

DOMINO (Russia) 


High-rise residential estate with public premises and an underground parking (Russia)

Homegeria (Nigeria) 

IMS Katra — inter model station (India) 

Lahzeh residential (Iran) 

Modular Social Housing (Albania) 

Nazmakan Residential Building (Iran) 

Palazzone's Residence (Italy)

Sense Estate (Russia) 

Sky Tower (Brazil) 


Sydney City (Moscow, Russia) 

Talento Development (Russia) 

The GLENN Apartment (Nigeria) 

Tolstovo Place (Russia) 

Unique residential (Iran) 


Voronezh Story (Russia) 

White Village Apartment Complex (Russia) 

Wuse Banjul (Abuja, Nigeria) 

  1. Best Implemented Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

Álada (Mexico) 

Edificio Ocampo, Your Home in Height (Argentina)

TOH (Mexico) 

  1. Best Project of Public Building or Facility

Amadai Cultural Building (Iran) 

Apart-hotel on Parkovaya Street (Russia) 

Bartholomew the Apostle Temple (Russia) 

BLOSSOM medical centre (Russia) 

COA Excellence Center (India)

Community Sports Center (Bangladesh) 

Covenant Star – hotel for creative thinkers (Russia) 

Cultural and social complex (Iran) 

Economic Cells (Albania) 

Floating Bridge at Attraction Urban Resort (Russia) 

Gmada Airport Gate (India) 

Governor’s Lyceum for gifted children (Russia) 

Hotel Península Escarpas (Brazil) 

House of the World — modular self-contained hotel (Russia) 

Junior Art Center (Russia) 

Laboratories ANNOA (Ecuador) 

Landian Hotel Project (Colombia) 

Leisure and hotel facility in Adygea (Russia) 

Leisure center with a food court (Belarus) 

Lotus Amphitheater (Iran) 

MOLECULAR medical centre (Russia) 

Perinatal Center — reconstruction (Russia) 

Shahin Shahr Municipality Building (Iran) 

Shiraz Nature Bridge (Iran) 

Sports and wellness center (Russia) 

Sports School in Odintsovo (Russia) 

Sunday school in Aksai (Russia) 

The Protecting Veil of Our Most Holy Lady Temple in Kopanskoy Farm (Russia) 

The Shell Cabin (Cuba) 

The Swarm Project (Italy) 

Tiss New Town (Baluchestan, Iran) 

TsUM in Sochi — Renovation (Krasnodar Region, Russia) 

Tunnel public transport station (Iran) 

Wings (India) 

  1. Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

Green Hall Premium apartment complex (Russia) 

JMR (Mexico) 

Kindergarten in the Petrovskaya Dominanta Estate (Russia) 

Lorestan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture building (Iran) 

Nobakht office building (Iran) 

Renovation of the Spring Water in Tungkluk — A Journey to the Heart of the Mother Earth (Indonesia) 

School in the Galaktika Quarters (Russia)

Sepehr Goldeste commercial, recreational and cultural complex (Iran) 

Skybowl (China) 

Tekstilshchiki Metro Station (Russia) 

The Wood Element retail store (India) 

URAM roofed extreme park (Kazan, Russia) 

  1. Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

Alikhan Restaurant (Iran) 

Architect Studio (Iran) 


Borbon Cafe (Iran) 

CHEESERIA Restaurant (Kazan, Russia) 

Coffee and flower shop (Russia) 

Come Mode Medical Beauty Clinic – interior design project (Russia) 

Gordeyev Demidov Bureau Headquarters (Russia) 

Kissaten coffee shop (Russia) 

Megadent Dental Clinic (Albania) 

Municipal Corporation Chandigarh Interior Design (India) 

Qingdao Hiron Headquarters Office (China) 

RISEOO Global Office Headquarters (India) 

ROOF PLACE — concert venue on the roof (Russia) 

Russian Empire Style (Russia) 

Trading company (Iran) 

  1. Best Project of Private Residence

Abkenar Villa (Iran) 

Alta House (Sao Paulo, Brazil) 

Baghchal Khaneh (Iran) 

Bagh-e Khour (Iran) 

Be.St.Be DREAM (Russia) 

BirdHouse01 (Novosibirsk, Russia) 

Boho-style villa (Russia) 

Calore (Russia) 

Casa Curi (Brazil) 

Country house in Ivanovka (Russia) 

Domino (Russia) 

Gardens Villa (Russia) 

Heritage (Lebanon) 

House at the Yenisey (Russia) 

House in Georgia-2 (Georgia) 

IZ Residence (Zambia) 

Lisiy Nos Villa (Russia) 

Madhusudan (India) 

Mansion on the Hill (USA) 

Merida — model (Venezuela) 

Mezzanines villa (Iran) 

Millennium (Russia) 

North Cabana (Anguilla Island, the UK) 

Puzzle villa (Iran) 

Residence in the woodland park (Russia) 

Residence Sector 19 Chandigarh (India)

Residential Bungalow (India) 

Rigel (Russia) 

Rozeneh Villa (Iran) 

Southern Villa with a garden (Russia) 

STONE — country house in Green Wood Villa Community (Russia) 


The Drifting Habitat (Venezuela) 

The House of Numerous Terraces (Iran) 

The Residence Nuñez (Florida, USA) 

Variable Life (Iran) 

Villa in Timoshkino (Russia) 

Villa in Yalta (Russia)  

Wayfaring Rock (India) 

  1. Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

Bread Oven (Quito, Ecuador) 

CASA MIKA (Mexico) 

Casa Portobello II (Peru) 


Chenaran Villa (Iran) 

CUBE HOUSE (Russia) 

FAMILY ESTATE Villa (Russia) 

House in Jurmala (Latvia) 

Mozzafar Villa (Iran) 

OMBU HOUSE (Argentina) 

Prensa House (Mexico)

Residence 2511 (India) 

The Grand Alabaster (Punjab, India) 

Theodora (Russia) 

Villa Ashian (Iran) 

WW HOUSE (Brazil) 

  1. Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

3-room 60 sq. m. apartment — design project (Russia) 

Air (Russia) 

Alarusse.apart (Russia) 

Apartment for rent (Russia) 

Apartment in Cherry Garden RE (Russia) 

Be.St.Be PERSPECTIVE Interior (Russia) 

Blue Cliff Villa (Russia) 

Contrast (St. Petersburg, Russia) 

Damavand Dacha (Iran) 

Dhimahi (Madhya Pradesh, India) 

Floret Bloom (India) 

Goudarzi penthouse (Iran) 

Himadri interior (India) 

Interior design for an Eclectic house (Russia) 

K Home (Hong Kong) 

Lake view villa (Russia)

Legend / Heroes Residential estate (Russia) 

Nira House interior (Iran) 

Palace (Iran) 

Pokrovsky shore (Russia) 

Sokolniki (Moscow, Russia) 

Two-room apartment in Sochi (Russia) 

Two-room modern apartment (Russia) 

Urban Villa in the heart of Moscow (Russia) 

Vintage casket (Moscow, Russia) 


Zilart (Russia) 

  1. Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

45 Residential (Russia) 

A Safe Place for Relocated People (Cyprus) 

Accordion Shelter (Indonesia) 

AI House (Iran) 

AI Museum at Luzhnetskaya Embankment (Russia) 

Bay City Medical Center: A Level 3 General Hospital Complex (Philippines) 

Benediktus — Fransiska Dormitory (Indonesia) 

Community center  (Russia) 

Container Shop (Sri Lanka) 

Continuity. New building of NNGASU with a Business Centre (Russia) 

Elementary school with the aim of increasing children's creativity (Iran) 

Entertainment public facility with a convention center in Troitsk (Russia) 

Farmanieh urban habitat (Iran) 

Former Soldiers’ Synagogue — restoration and readjustment (Russia)

FRACTAL multifunctional cryptoclimate facility (Russia)

Hotel in the Apple Grove (Russia) 

Hydrotherapy complex (Iran) 

IBA-IVA: Inclusive Visual Arts Center (Manila, Philippines) 

International airport (Russia) 

International Business Center (Uzbekistan) 

Interuniversity Campus in Yakutsk (Russia) 

Karela-Koski Kindergarten in Sortavala (Russia) 

Kindergarten (Russia) 

Laboratory reconstructed to become an eye hospital with an in-patient department (Russia) 

Levy Leey — multifunctional public and business center (Russia) 

LOOR — culture and entertainment center (Russia) 

Marwuddhi — Mixed-Use Gonggong shell waste hub (Indonesia) 

Memorial columbarium (Russia) 

Mid-rise residential house (Russia) 

Mixed-use cultural centre in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia) 

Mixed-use high-rise residential and commercial building (Russia) 

Multi-functional center for rural settlements (Russia) 

Multifunctional center with a food court (Russia) 

Multifunctional complex within a quarter on Ligovsky Prospekt (Russia) 

Multifunctional complex within Rzhevka Porokhovye Development (Russia) 

Multifunctional culture center with a hotel (Russia) 

Multifunctional shopping and entertainment center (Russia) 

New St. Petersburg Hotel in the heart of the city (Russia) 

Noise protection residential estate in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Orthodox parish church (Russia) 

Orthodox temple complex (Russia) 

Penguin (Iran) 

Performing arts center (Russia) 

Public and business center at Oktyabrskaya Embankment (Russia)

Que Fields terraced residential building (Russia) 

R&D village at the Baikal (Russia) 

Readjustment of a listed site into a private clinic (Russia) 

Residential development (Russia) 

Residential Estate at Oktyabrskaya Embankment (Russia) 

Residential estate in Kronshtadt (Russia) 

Residential estate in Lenexpo district (Russia) 

Residential estate project in Lenexpo district (Russia)

Residential estate within a living district (Russia) 

Sasayum Community Market (Indonesia) 

School for 1,100 students in the former factory (Russia) 

Secondary school for 1,100 students (Russia) 

Section house (Russia)

Shrimp Cafe (Russia) 

Sports and wellness center in Tomsk (Russia) 

Sunlight Museum (Russia) /

Survive in Your Own Land — Horticultural Farming (Indonesia) 

Sustainable high-rise development at Cherkavsky Peninsula (Russia)

Tehran Cultural Center (Iran) 

Waving Bus Stop or Stay Place (Colombia) 

Wellness and recreation center in Samara (Russia) 

Zhivar clinic (Iran) 

  1. Best Project of Public Space by Student

Atrium of the Levashovo Airport (Russia) 

Beautification of Velikaya Embankment (Russia) 

Beautification project for Pisa (Italy) 

Building in Ryazan renovated to become a public space (Russia) 

Children’s library in Kingisepp — interior design project (Russia) 

Children's Healing-Educational Garden as Humans Life Shelter (Iran) 

Concert hall for 900 people (Russia)

Coworking space design for employee satisfaction (Iran) 

Exhibition and research pavilion at the Volga (Russia) 

Gatchina as the new capital of the Leningrad Region (Russia) 

Goteborg Plades (Copenhagen, Denmark)   

Green enclosure for public gardens of St. Petersburg (Russia)

Interiors for the Herzen University technopark (Russia) 

Kayaking village (Russia) 

Kobona: The Road of Life — tourist center (Russia) 

Leisure and communication center (Russia) 

Marawi Church: Redesigning the Roman Catholic in an Islamic City (Philippines) 

Mixed-use cultural and leisure estate (Russia) 

Nadin cultural center (Iran) 

Oasis administrative building in Gelendzhik Airport — interior design (Russia) 

Okkervil Park (Russia) 

One level of a children’s library (Russia) 

Prospect Doblesti Metro Station (Russia) 

Public and business centre in Rzhevka-Porokhovye district (Russia) 

Public center in the industrial sector of the Belarus Station under reconstruction (Russia) 

Rearrangement of the Farforovsky Post Premises (Russia) 

Renovation of Vanyukovs Estate with readjustment of the surrounding grounds (Russia) 

Revitalization and beautification of urban spaces — Livery Courtyard, Museum, and Square (Russia) 

Shuvalovs Estate in St. Petersburg — restoration and readjustment (Russia)

Silent Garden (Indonesia) 

Suburban campus of St. Petersburg State University of Civil Engineering (Russia) 

Sustainable city between sea and land (Aden, Yemen)

Theater Festival in the Sunlight Park (Russia) 

Trade pavilions in Ryazan “trading town” (Russia) 

Turned to ashes (Russia) 

Urban development plan for the relocation of homes at risk (Colombia) 

Сentral Kingisepp library – interior design (Russia) 

  1. Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

Chapari restaurant (Iran) 

Facade decorations for the Protecting Veil of Our Most Holy Lady Temple outside Moscow (Russia) 

Facade mosaics of the Cathedral Mosque in Kogalym (Russia)

Garden of Eden — mirror for a private residence (Russia) 

Larks House (Russia) 

Parco del Boschetto Villa Community (Russia) 

Serbian and Russian Anguishes Memento in Jasenovac Monastery (Croatia) 

Silver Pines house (Russia) 

Yalda Banoo (Iran) 

  1. Best Design Project for Library

Izmailovskaya Library, part of Lermontov Central Library (Russia) 

Library on the River Karpovka 

LIST Culture and Library Center (Russia)

The Cube Library (Cuba) 

Transformation of Affiliate 1 of Pushkin Volkhov Culture and Information Library Center (Russia) 

  1. Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

Arca Sonora: weaving landscapes (Spain) 

Cardboard Garden (Russia) 

La grande torre (Russia) 

Memorial to all pilots who died in the Great Patriotic War (Russia) 

Memorial to Major General Minigali Shaimuratov, National Hero of Bashkortostan (Russia) 

Memorial to the fallen Internationalist Soldiers in Uvarovo (Russia) 

Monument to Peter the Great in front of the River Station building (Russia) 

Mr. Orange (Iran) 

Nest (Russia) 

River of Architectural Life – Installation at ARCH MOSCOW 2023 (Russia) 

The August Sister of Mercy, memorial plaque (Russia) 

The Float (Italy)