1. Best Architectural Design for Museum

ACRIS Design Museum (Saudi Arabia)

Army Biscuit Factory in Kronshtadt – restoration and readjustment (Russia)

Center of Industrial Progress — museum complex (Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia)

CROSS-SECTION Modern art museum (Russia)

CUBE – museum and exhibition center of contemporary art (Russia)

Deep Time Palace. The Eye of the Museum (China)

Delhi City Museum (India)

Extraterrestrial Echoes Pyramid Encounter Museum (Egypt)

Geomdan Museum Library Cultural Complex (Korea)

HEAVY METAL Museum (Cuba)

Immortal Army. Letters from the front — national museum (Russia)

Jasay Museum (Colombia)

Kilicarslan villa II and excavation site «PINHAN» (Turkey)

Medicinal Herbs Garden Museum (Alborz, Iran)

Mineral Museum in Gorno-Altaysk (Russia)

Museum of Discovery and Science (Iran)

Museum of Glass and Light (Russia)

Museum park in Seoul (Korea)

Naval Glory Museum as part of the Fort Isle Cluster (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Nicosia Science Museum (Cyprus)

NuMu Museum (Santiago, Chile)

Ocean Fishing Fleet Museum (Russia)

Popular Art Interpretation Center // Popular Art Museum (Peru)

Tartu Cultural Centre (Estonia)

The Guild (India)

The mixture of culture and traditions in architecture (UK)

2. Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

Alexander the Great. Way to the East — exhibition from the State Hermitage collection (Russia)

Ararat Muzeum in Ararat Pavilion, VDNKh (Russia)

Architectural Materials at ARCH Moscow 2023 (Russia)

Ars Botanica. Beaded floral motives dating back to the 1st half of the 19th century (Russia)

Balabanov — tour exhibition (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Childhood in Leningrad in 1920 through 1980 (Russia)

Christian Ladoga (Russia)

Evgeny Khaldey. The epoch in shots. State Museum of History (Russia)

First position. Russian ballet (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Historical and art diorama museum ‘Battle of Kursk – Belgorod direction’ (Russia)

Immersive Exhibition in the Naval Glory Museum, part of Isle of Forts Cluster (Russia)

Mikhail Vrubel (Moscow, Russia)

Mirror Plate. Russian Provincial Portrait in the 18th through 19th centuries (Russia)

Ocean Fishing Fleet Museum – Exposition (Russia)

Reasonable co-existence (Russia)

Restoration of Historical “Postal Station Manager's House” (Russia)

Siberian Dreams (Russia)

Water exhibition in Ujjain (India)

You are here. Always. Today. And ever after. (Russia)

3. Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

«Rodya», adapted from Feodor Dostoevsky’s «Crime and Punishment» (Russia)

Agate zone for the performance Blue Bird to the play by Maurice Maeterlinck (Russia)

Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Garden (Russia)

At the Edge of Africa (Russia)

Cabbala of Jaspers / Moliere (Russia)

Central Hotel (Russia)

Crime and Punishment (Russia)

Crime and Punishment. Dreams and Anguishes of Rodion Raskolnikov (Russia)

Cyrano de Bergerac (Russia)

Dancemania Ballet (Moscow, Russia)

Dark Days. Muhajirun play based on the dilogy novel by Makhmud Galyau (Russia)

Dunka’s Fortune (Russia)

El Cimarron — Opera by Hans Werner Henze (France)

Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man (Russia)

From the Cedar Tribe (Russia)

Idegey Epic (Russia)

Katerina Izmailova (Russia, Perm)

La Traviata opera (Russia)

Last summer in Chulimsk (Russia)

Love the Marquez Style (Russia)

Love. Plague. Verona (Russia)

Marriage (Oryol, Russia)

Maugli Musical (Russia)

Onegin (Russia)

Peter I Musical (Russia)

Pink Kerchief, Blue Shawl by Umay Lab (Russia)

Rhinocéros (Russia)

Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi (Russia)

Snow. Snow (Russia)

The Abduction from the Seraglio (Russia)

The Dead City (Russia)

The Desire to Live (Russia)

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman (St. Petersburg, Russia)

The Lover Boy (Russia)

The Mystery of the Third Planet (Russia)

The Suicide (Russia)

The Three Comrades (Russia)

Truth is good, but happiness is better (Russia)

Vass (Mother) Performance (Russia)

Viy/Beyond the Line (Russia)

‘R’ is for Revisor by Gogol – Essay (Russia)

4. Best Implemented Restoration Project

Accident prevention works in the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Berezhnaya Dubrova Village (Russia)

Apartment house at Povarskaya Street – restoration (Russia)

Cable workshop with a water tower of the Krasny Gvozdilshchik Factory – restoration and readjustment for modern use (Russia)

CASA 4 SIGLOS (Mexico)

Central Pavilion No. 1 at VDNKh — restoration (Russia)

Chapel near Snyatnaya Gora built in the 18th century — preservation (Russia)

Church of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Russia)

Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit (Russia)

Conservation of the 19th century Church of Epiphany (India)

Facades and roofs of Olga Chizhova’s City Estate — restoration and readjustment (Russia)

Gromovaya (Tupinskaya) Tower – restoration of the cultural heritage site (Russia)

House of Merchant Mashtakov, dating back to the early 20th century — restoration and readjustment (Russia)

Link of Times Triptych — Restoration (Russia)

Niy Architectural Complex — restoration (Russia)

Palace and park ensemble in Zhilichi Village (Republic of Belarus)

Restoration of the family chapel in Gatchina Palace (Russia)

Restoration of the Slide, the cultural heritage site (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Restoration of the theatre building on Malaya Bronnaya (Russia)

Rukavishnikov Bank — preservation of the cultural heritage site (Russia)

Rumyantsev’s Manor — facade restoration (Russia)

St. Savior Tower of the Kazan Kremlin — restoration and preservation (Kazan, Russia)

Tenement House of Khryashchov and Vargin — preservation of the cultural heritage site (Russia)

Vitoslavlitsy Wooden Architecture Museum — Comprehensive Restoration (Veliky Novgorod, Russia)

Winter Garden of the Anichkov Palace — Restoration (Russia)

XVIII-XIX-Century Estate with a Park — former Monrepos Park (Russia)

5. Best Implemented Reconstruction Project

Art Alley Cafe (Iran)

Classical elite education lyceum in Rostov-on-Don (Russia)

CR Offices (Mexico)

Facade mosaics of the Cathedral Mosque in Kogalym — restoration (Russia)

Facade restored at Barmaleyev Street (Russia)

Front entrance to a private manor — restoration. A dragon canopy (Russia)

History museum of Yunhe middle school (China)

IZZZI 3 Star Hotel (Russia)

Levashovsky Bread Factory — reconstruction (Russia)

Mosaic timpans made at the facade of the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God (Russia)

Nakhl eco_resort (Iran)

Naval Glory Museum as part of the Fort Isle Cluster (St. Petersburg, Russia)

North-Western Institute of Management – Reconstruction of the academic building (Russia)

Reconstruction of the eastern grandstand of Tula cycling track (Russia)

San Tola (Quito, Ecuador)

Santa Catarina Apartments (Portugal)

South Riverside Station — Reconstruction (Moscow, Russia)

Tri-bridge in a residence (China)

Villa 295 (Iran)

VOKZAL 1853 (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Volcano Restaurant rearranged to become Okeanrybflot Museum (Russia)

Youth Center in Perm — reconstruction (Russia)

Zotov — Constructivism research center (Moscow, Russia)

6. Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

... ALL IN ONE Apartments (Kazakhstan)

A Roof for Helsinki — Train Factory Building (Helsinki, Finland)

Aaraaha Pride (India)

Alannah Main Bay (Mexico)

Andeza Tower (Mexico)

Apartment center in the Black Sea Coast (Russia)

Apartments of Cedar (Iran)

Astra Marine (Russia)

ASTRVM (Russia)

Bloom in Yanino RE (Russia)

Blue Jungle (Italy)

Brava Green Home Club (Santa Catarina, Brazil)

Business Class Apartment House in Voronezh (Russia)

CASAMIRADOR Via Láctea (Brazil)

Chaika Residential Complex (Russia)

Chalus residential building (Iran)

City Bay (Moscow, Russia)

Club apartment house (Indonesia)

Club house at Pushkinskaya Street (Russia)

Cyan (Iran)

DOMINO (Russia)

Dubrovsky Business Class Estate (Russia)


Edifício Casa Pium-í (Brazil)

Felicity in Koltsovo (Russia)

G & W (Tehran, Iran)

Graphic housing in Žvėrynas (Lithuania)

High-rise residential estate with public premises and an underground parking (Russia)

Homegeria (Nigeria)

IMS Katra — inter model station (India)

Kanisa Smart Town residential complex (Iran)

Khazar Coastal Residential Complex (Iran)

Kimber Una Places (Brazil)

Lahzeh residential (Iran)

Larma (Mazandaran, Iran)

Maresias Residential (Mozambique)

Modular Social Housing (Albania)

Multifunctional housing for elderly people (Russia)

Multifunctional residential estate (Russia)

Namel (Tehran, Iran) 

Nazmakan Residential Building (Iran)

Noyazd (Iran)

Olimpia, new phases (Russia)

Palazzone's Residence (Italy) 

Patriki RE (Russia)

Residential business class estate in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Residential Estate at 61 Sofiyskaya Street (Russia)

Residential estate in Omsk (Russia)

Residential estate with commercial premises and an underground parking (Russia)

Riviera Boulevard (Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil)

Sense Estate (Russia)

Shagal (Russia)

Sisangan Residential complex (Mazandaran, Iran)

Sky Deck 72 (India)

Sky Tower (Brazil)


Sukan Baghdad Eco Smart City (Iraq)

Sweet Home (Russia)

Sydney City (Moscow, Russia)

Talento Development (Russia)

The GLENN Apartment (Nigeria)

Tolstovo Place (Russia)

Unique residential (Iran)

Vibrance (West Java, Indonesia)


Voronezh Story (Russia)

Wall Villas (Iran)

White & Green House (Iran)

White Village Apartment Complex (Russia)

Wuse Banjul (Nigeria)

7. Best Implemented Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

Álada (Mexico)

Aleden Puerta (Mexico)

Ariosto (Russia)

Edificio Ocampo, Your Home in Height (Argentina)

Etalon na Neve / Paragon on the Neva (Russia)

Garinsky Residence (Russia)

mo288 (Mexico)

Olimpia — residential development with beautified spots (Russia)

Organic Rosario (Argentina)

Park Place (Dominican Republic)

Qortba Residential Project (Saudi Arabia)

Ras Houses (India)

Real de los Reyes (Coyoacán, Mexico)

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan (Taipei City, Taiwan)

Tierras Temporary Housing (Mexico)

TOH (Mexico)

TULIX (Mexico)

Veren Village, Strelna (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Zendegi Building (Iran)

8. Best Project of Public Building or Facility

Aban Medical Clinic (Iran)

Administrative building — reconstruction (Russia)

Akhtar School (Iran)

Amadai Cultural Building (Iran)

Apart-hotel on Parkovaya Street (Russia)

Automall Gole Maryam (Iran)

BAOBAB Luxury Safari Resort (Tanzania)

Bartholomew the Apostle Temple (Russia)

Beris Eco-Camp (Iran)

Beryozovo Hutor Resort at Ladoga Lake (Russia)

Betancourt Garden multifunctional complex (Russia)

Bharat tower — Icon of India (India)

BLOSSOM medical centre (Russia)

Blurring Limits (Estonia)

Bus shelter from scrap (France)

Chabahar international Airport (Iran)

Chagha (Iran)

Chiatta Trapezio — Barge City in Milan (Italy)

CITIC Urban Development & Operation Nanbianhai Project, Sanya (China)

City Moon (Iran)

Ciudad de las Artes Indígenas — CAI / City of Indigenous Arts (Mexico)

COA Excellence Center (India)

Community Sports Center (Bangladesh)

Covenant Star – hotel for creative thinkers (Russia)

Cultural and social complex (Iran)

Derakhte Toot School (Iran)

Dope Crabs Beach Restaurant & Bar (Sri Lanka)

Economic Cells (Albania)

Entrepreneurial tower in Dubai (UAE)

ETNIKA Airport (Russia)

EXEED car dealership center (Russia)

Floating Bridge at Attraction Urban Resort (Russia)

FOGO (Portugal)

Glamping — making nature part of the house (Russia)

Gmada Airport Gate (India)

Governor’s Lyceum for gifted children (Russia)

Heart Spiritual Retreat (Cuba)

Hotel Península Escarpas (Brazil)

House of the World — modular self-contained hotel (Russia)

IMPACT (Kosovo)

Interschool center for 1,500 students (Russia)

ITMO Highpark integrated science, education, and innovation centre (Russia)

Junior Art Center (Yamal Nenets Autonomous District, Russia)

Konya Aleaddin Hill Archeological Site Arrangement (Turkey)

Kosatka Restaurant (Russia)

Laboratories ANNOA (Ecuador)

Landian Hotel Project (Colombia)

Leisure and hotel facility in Adygea (Russia)

Leisure center with a food court (Belarus)

Lorestan Technology Tower (Iran)

Lotus Amphitheater (Iran)

Main administrative building at a car plant (Kazakhstan)

Malek Cheshmeh Therm (Iran)

Meeting Place (Argentina)

Mega Dune Ecolodge (UAE)

Mercury Hotel (Iran)

MOLECULAR medical centre (Russia)

MORFAVERSE 2.0 (Mexico)

Multifunctional biathlon complex (Russia)

Multifunctional culture center in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Mycelium Wellness Project (El Retiro, Colombia)

Nefaar: Belvedere for a Flaneur (Iran)

Nokha Village School (India)

Nuestra Tierra Kindergarden (Argentina)

Palace of Water Sports (Russia)

Perinatal Center — reconstruction (Russia)

PixHotel (Croatia)

Pow House (Iran)

Restaurant (Kolasin, Montenegro)

Royal Tower 2 (Iran)

Sama Music Pavilion (Iran)

SCA Arena Sports and Concert Complex (Russia)

Sensilla office and leisure complex (Italy)

Shahin Shahr Municipality Building (Iran)

Shiraz Nature Bridge (Iran)

Sloppie (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Social and cultural centre in the Church of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary (Russia)

SOLOMA Spa (Russia)

Sports and wellness center (Russia)

Sports School in Odintsovo (Russia)

Sunday school in Aksai (Russia)

Tarantula (Sri Lanka)

The Bridge City (USA)

The Protecting Veil of Our Most Holy Lady Temple in Kopanskoy Farm (Russia)

The Shell Cabin (Cuba)

The Skies Kenozero Lands Depositary (Russia)

The Swarm Project (Italy)

Timbues Technical School 712 (Argentina)

Tiss New Town (Baluchestan, Iran)

Torre Rinalda (Italy)

Tower Chapel (Moscow Region, Russia)

Training and education cluster for Artek Summer Camp (Russia)

TsUM in Sochi — Renovation (Krasnodar Region, Russia)

Tunnel public transport station (Iran)

Ultramontane Tavertet — eco hotel at the hillside (Spain)

Ural Federal University campus (Russia)

Urban Park Food Court (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

WADES Building (Cuba)

Wainakh 5 Star Hotel in the mountains (Ingushetia, Russia)

Wines of Tsymlyansk Plant — Tourist Gentrification (Rostov Region, Russia)

Wings (India)

9. Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

Academy of Martial Arts (Russia)

Aeroclub S7 (Russia)

Anahita factory office building (Tehran, Iran)


Green Hall Premium apartment complex (Russia)

JMR (Mexico)

Kindergarten in the Petrovskaya Dominanta Estate (Russia)

LLFP Meydan School (UAE)

Lorestan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture building (Iran)

Maple Boulevard Metro Station (Russia)

Nobakht office building (Iran)

Office Building of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, Petrozavodsk (Russia)

Office of Chado Architectural Studio (Russia)

PALCCO (Jalisco, Mexico)

PET/CT Center (Russia)

Renovation of the Spring Water in Tungkluk — A Journey to the Heart of the Mother Earth (Indonesia)

School in the Galaktika Quarters (Russia)

Sepehr Goldeste commercial, recreational and cultural complex (Iran)

Shum Yip Health City Exhibition Center (China)

Skybowl (China)

Smart school in Siberia (Novosibirsk, Russia)

South Riverside Station (Russia)

Summer Book Alleys at Malaya Konyushennaya Street (Russia)

Summer movie theater (Saratov, Russia)

Tekstilshchiki Metro Station (Russia)

The Rink Fitness (Russia)

The Wood Element retail store (India)

URAM roofed extreme park (Kazan, Russia)

Wisma Matahari Power (Indonesia)

10. Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

#together neighbourhood centre (Russia)

53 Degrees Foothill Coffee Whiskey Pavilion (China)

Alfa Elevator office (Iran)

Alikhan Restaurant (Iran)

Architect Studio (Iran)

Baftar Dermatology Clinic (Tehran, Iran)

Bel Corpo Studio (Moscow, Russia) 

BlackChops — English pub and restaurant (Russia)


Book Store at Nevsky Prospect: Interiors (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Borbon Cafe (Iran)

Cathedral in Kaliningrad — Lobby (Russia)

CHEESERIA Restaurant (Russia)

CLAVIS Restaurant (Russia)

Coffee and flower shop (Russia)

Come Mode Medical Beauty Clinic – interior design project (Russia)

Dr. Wash Laundry (Iran)

Flight Fitness Club (Russia)

Frankie Pizzeria (Russia)

Gordeyev Demidov Bureau Headquarters (Russia)

Island woodwork showroom (China)

Kissaten coffee shop (Russia)

Megadent Dental Clinic (Albania)


Municipal Corporation Chandigarh Interior Design (India)

NIMANY Gallery (Iran)

Office for Monopolia Company (Russia)

Pechatniki Metro Station (Russia)

Picasso Restaurant (Kazan, Russia)

Pykhtino Metro Station (Moscow, Russia)

Qingdao Hiron Headquarters Office (China)

RBK Media Group — office in St. Petersburg (Russia)

RISEOO Global Office Headquarters (India)

ROOF PLACE — concert venue on the roof (Russia)

Rukavishnikov Bank — interior design (Russia)

Russian Empire Style (Russia)

Rustic Rays restaurant (India)

Ryotei Restaurant (Russia)

Sant Cafe (Russia)

Sensify SPA (Russia)

Seven Visions Dvin Hotel (Armenia)

Sonrisa Gallery Clinic (Iran)

SPA WAVE and beauty parlor (Russia)

Spasibo Pan-Asian Restaurant (Russia)

Studio Formica (Brazil)

Trading company (Iran)

VATTE Coffee Shop (Russia)

Visage.Concept (Russia)

VYSOTA fitness (Russia)

11. Best Project of Private Residence

A House to Stay (Iran)

Abkenar Villa (Iran)

Alexandra (Russia)

Alta House (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Ambiversion House (Iran)

Arjun Residence (India)

Artist's Villa (Iran)

Ashram House (Latvia)

Awali Villa (Awali, Bahrain)

Bagh-e Khour (Iran)

Baghchal Khaneh (Iran)

Baltic Riviera 250 (Russia)

Be.St.Be DREAM (Russia)

Bird House (Bahia, Brazil)

BirdHouse01 (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Boho-style villa (Russia)

BONA (Russia)

Brick House in Adygea (Russia)

Bridge house (Santa Catarina, Brazil)

Calore (Russia)

Casa Barreira (Portugal)

Casa Basso (Brazil)

Casa Curi (Brazil)

Casa das Escotilhas (Brazil)

Casa Guapuruvu (Brazil)

Casa Oliveira (Mozambique)

Casa Portobello III (Peru)

Casa SI.MA (Mexico)

Casa Silveirinha (Portugal)

Casa Taió (Brazil)

Concrete Villa (Iran) 

Copali House (Mexico)

Country house in Ivanovka (Russia)

DO Xāné, DO Hayāt (Iran)

Domino (Russia)

DOM_K27 (Russia)

Dr. Fausto's House (Mexico)

Dual Villa (Iran)

Eagle Mansion Signature Villa (Egypt)

Fella House (Argentina)

Fiora Villa (Iran)

Floating house (Russia)

Folding House (Brazil)

Forest Villa (Malaysia)

Gardens Villa (Russia)

Ghidorah cabins (USA)


Guest house with a camping site at the Finnish mill (Russia)


Heritage (Lebanon)

Hidden House in Lagos (Portugal)

HIGHLAND villa (Russia)

House at the Yenisey (Russia)

House Extension (Manchester, UK)

House in Georgia-2 (Georgia)

House on a slope (Russia)

Infinity Chalet (Italy)

IZ Residence (Zambia)

Jalali Villa (Iran)

Kandesar Villa (Iran)

La Piedad Home (USA)

Lisiy Nos Villa (Russia)

Madhusudan (India)

Magentix (Russia)

Mansion on the Hill (USA)

Maximus House (Brazil)

MC House (Brazil)

Merida — model (Venezuela)

Mezzanines villa (Iran)

Mian Khaneh (Iran)

Millennium (Russia)

Modern urban house (Russia)

Monan Farm (Brazil)

Mr. Piri Villa (Iran)

Mycelium House (Colombia)

Ney Villa (Iran)

North Cabana (Anguilla Island, the UK)

Olu Akpata House (Nigeria)

Pride House (Russia)

Private house (Russia)

Private house in Parkovy villa community (Russia)

Procurator's House (Russia)

Puzzle villa (Iran)

Residence #314 Sector 88 Mohali (India)

Residence in the south of Canada (Canada)

Residence in the woodland park (Russia)

Residence Sector 19 Chandigarh (India)

Residential Bungalow (India)

Rigel (Russia)

Rozeneh Villa (Iran)

Sadovaya 46 (Russia)

Sea Moon (Turks and Caicos Islands, UK)

Sereia Villa by Mandala Eco Village (Indonesia)

Silveira Residence (Brazil)

Skyline (Russia)

Socotra Shelter (Yemen)

Somnath Villa (India)

Southern Villa with a garden (Russia)

STONE — country house in Green Wood Villa Community (Russia)

Tabesh Villa (Iran)

Talesh Garden House (Iran)

The Bridge House (Iran)


The Drifting Habitat (Venezuela)

The House of Numerous Terraces (Iran)

The Oriza House (Iran)

The Residence Nuñez (Florida, USA)

Toranj (Iran)

Twin Sisters House (Latvia)

Unity Villa (Iran)

VA House (Iran)

Variable Life (Iran)

Villa & Landscape Design in Damavand (Iran)

Villa 300 (Saudi Arabia)


Villa in Timoshkino (Russia)

Villa in Yalta (Russia)

Villa Sepid (Iran)


Wayfaring Rock (India)

WE.LLA (Russia)

12. Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

Adityam (India)

Albar House (Mexico)

Anar Villa (Iran)

AYG HOUSE (Mexico)


Be.St.Be SMART HOUSE (Russia)

Bread Oven (Ecuador)

Café House (Brazil)

CASA CACHO (Argentina)

Casa Elemental (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

Casa Laguna (Argentina)

CASA MIKA (Mexico)


Casa Portobello II (Peru)

Casa Rita (Argentina)


Casa Sur (Argentina)

Chalet Selva (Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy)

Chenaran Villa (Iran)

Country house: nature as an experience (Brazil)


D.O.M.+ `90M2 / TEA HOUSE (Russia)

Daaji's Home (India)

Djabak House (Brazil)


FAMILY ESTATE Villa (Russia)

Family villa (Iran)


Himadri (India)

House in Jurmala (Latvia)

Mozzafar Villa (Iran)

Nilo House (Mexico)

Nira House (Iran)

Nishad Residence (India)

OMBU HOUSE (Argentina)

Onegin Park (Russia)

Parallel Villa (Iran)

Pitaya House (Ecuador)

Pool House (Switzerland)

Prensa House (Mexico)

Residence 2511 (India)

Residence with a leisure zone and a SPA (Russia)

Scorpio House by Veluvana Bali (Indonesia)

Snake House (Argentina)

Tamanaco House (Mexico)


The Grand Alabaster (India)

The Gritted Grid (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Theodora (Russia)

Three Tree House (Costa Rica)

Villa Ashian (Iran)

Villa Exposure (Iran)


WW HOUSE (Brazil)

Z House (Brazil)

Zen Villa (Russia)

13. Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

3-room 60 sq. m. apartment — design project (Russia)

3BHK Residential Apartment (India)

A house at the seaside (Russia)

Aikyam (India)

Air (Russia)

AKAOTO (Russia)

Alabyana (Russia)

Alarusse.apart (Russia)

Apartment at Krestovsky Island (Russia) 

Apartment for an artist (Russia)

Apartment for rent (Russia)

Apartment in Cherry Garden RE (Russia)

Apartment in Galaxy Premium RE (Russia)

Apartment in Geneva RE (Russia)

Apartment in the Brodsky club house (Russia)

Apartment in the monastery cells built in the 18th century (Russia)

APARTMENT_M103 (Russia)

B Land (Belarus)

Be.St.Be PERSPECTIVE Interior (Russia)

Be.St.Be SMART HOUSE Interior (Russia)

Blue Cliff Villa (Russia)


Contrast (Russia)

Copper (Russia)

Corsal House (Mexico)

Damavand Dacha (Iran)

Designer's apartment (Russia)

Dhimahi (India)

Di Loreto's apartment (Italy) 

Eclectic family apartment (Russia)

Esper Club (Russia)

Floret Bloom (India)

Fontanka (Russia)

From taste to memories (Brazil)

Garden Quarters (Moscow, Russia)

Goudarzi penthouse (Iran)

Himadri interior (India)

Home gallery (Iran)

Hunter's house (Russia)

Interior design for an Eclectic house (Russia)

Jacarandá (Argentina)

JR HOUSE (Brazil)

K Home (Hong Kong)

Lake side Villa Community (Russia)

Lake view villa (Russia)

Legend / Heroes Residential estate (Russia)

LIGHT HOUSE (Zhengzhou, China)

Lipki (Russia)

New-York at Vilensky Lane (Russia)

Nira House interior (Iran)

One-room 38-square-meter apartment with open-plan kitchen and walk-in closet (Russia)

Palace (Iran)

Petrovy at Petrovka (Moscow, Russia)

Pokrovsky shore (Russia)

Residence at the Gulf of Finland (Russia)

Savanna in bloom (Russia)

Sokolniki (Russia)

Tehran Tower (Iran)

Theodora House — interiors (Russia)

Time machine (Russia)

Trust Home (Iran)

Two-room apartment in Sochi (Russia)

Two-room modern apartment (Russia)

Urban Villa in the heart of Moscow (Russia)

Vintage casket (Moscow, Russia)


Zilart (Russia)

14. Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

45 Residential (Russia)

5-star Rock Hotel, part of TERRACOTA eco-resort (Russia)

A high-rise house in Yekaterinburg (Russia)

A public center in Ortomercato District (Italy)

A Safe Place for Relocated People (Cyprus)

Accordion Shelter (Indonesia)

Aden International Airport (Yemen)

AI House (Iran)

AI Museum at Luzhnetskaya Embankment (Russia)

Air-terminal complex (Russia)

Airport (Russia)

Airport in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Art and Culture Center of the Royal Road: Assuming architecture as a claim for memory (Ecuador)

Art Shelter (Iran)

Articulated life unit: culture and recreation (Colombia)

Azadvar Country House (Iran)

Bay City Medical Center: A Level 3 General Hospital Complex (Philippines)

Benediktus — Fransiska Dormitory (Indonesia)

Business cluster with a culture center (Russia)

Children's art school (Russia)

City Planetarium on the territory of the Apple Orchard (Russia)

City public centre in Yaroslavl (Russia)

Community center  (Russia)

Container Shop (Sri Lanka)

Continuity. New building of NNGASU with a Business Centre (Russia)

Cultural and business centre in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Cultural public center in the premises of Polytechnic University (Russia)

Culture and business facility in the Ex Macello Butchery in Milano (Italy)

Dalan Khaneh (Esfahan, Iran)

Di:Antara (Indonesia)

Elementary school with the aim of increasing children's creativity (Iran)

Elysium Haven Hotel (Cuba)

Entertainment public facility with a convention center in Troitsk (Russia)

Farmanieh urban habitat (Iran)

Five stars hotel (Iraq)

Flower Exhibition (Baghdad, Iraq)

Flower Shop (Iraq)

Former Soldiers’ Synagogue — restoration and readjustment (Russia)

FRACTAL multifunctional cryptoclimate facility (Russia)

Garden Neighbourhood (Chad)

Horizonte Curvo (Argentina)

Hotel in the Apple Grove (Russia)

Hotel in the Apple Orchard (Russia)

Hotel in Valle de Uco (Mendoza, Argentina)

Hudson Piano House (Argentina)

Hydrotherapy complex (Iran)

IBA-IVA: Inclusive Visual Arts Center (Philippines)

Improvement of the territory of the Apple Orchard with the construction of a hotel complex in the city of Pskov (Russia)

International airport (Russia)

International Business Center (Uzbekistan)

Interuniversity Campus in Yakutsk (Russia)

Karela-Koski Kindergarten in Sortavala (Russia)

Kindergarten (Russia)

Kindergarten 12 (1951) – readjustment for modern use with premises beautification (Russia)

Kindergarten in a residential block (Russia)

Laboratory reconstructed to become an eye hospital with an in-patient department (Russia)

Lachute Train Station (Canada)

Levashovo Airport and Museum, project by Mercedes Tropillo (Russia)

Levashovo Airport, project by Ekaterina Putrolainen (Russia)

Levashovo Airport, project by Savely Lugovskoy (Russia)

Levashovo Airport, project by Sofia Ilyina (Russia)

Levy Leey — multifunctional public and business center (Russia)

LOOR — culture and entertainment center (Russia)

Luch multifunctional facility at Rizhskaya Metro (Russia)

MADRE (Italy)

Marwuddhi — Mixed-Use Gonggong shell waste hub (Indonesia)

Medical R&D center in St. Petersburg suburbs (Russia)

Medieval architecture of the Caucasus — regeneration (Georgia)

Memorial columbarium (Russia)

Mercalli Cultural Center (Iran)

Mid-rise residential house (Russia)

Mixed-use cultural centre in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia)

Mixed-use high-rise residential and commercial building (Russia)

Mixed-Use Project (Saudi Arabia)

Mixed-use residential estate in Tomsk (Russia)

Multi-functional center for rural settlements (Russia)

Multifunctional center with a food court (Russia)

Multifunctional complex in a district of Salekhard (Russia)

Multifunctional complex in a residential block (Italy)

Multifunctional complex in a residential block (Russia)

Multifunctional complex within a quarter on Ligovsky Prospekt (Russia)

Multifunctional complex within Rzhevka Porokhovye Development (Russia)

Multifunctional complex within the residential district (Salekhard, Russia)

Multifunctional culture center with a hotel (Russia)

Multifunctional shopping and entertainment center (Russia)

Navigating Tomorrow's Horizons: Computational Design for an International Cruise Terminal (India)

New St. Petersburg Hotel in the heart of the city (Russia)

Noise protection residential estate in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Nursing home for the elderly (Russia)

Orthodox parish church (Russia)

Orthodox temple complex (Russia)

Penguin (Iran)

Performing arts center (Russia)

Private residence (Russia)

Private residence in Sestroretsk (Russia)

Public and business center at Oktyabrskaya Embankment (Russia)

Public and cultural center in Milan (Italy)

Public center for a village with 2,000 residents (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Pulkovo Observatory — preservation and development (Russia)

Que Fields terraced residential building (Russia)

R&D center in the Arctic Region (Russia)

R&D village at the Baikal (Russia)

Readjustment of a listed site into a private clinic (Russia)

Rescue services — new typology (Russia)

Research Institute of Archeology at Cape Okhtinsky (Russia)

Residential development (Russia)

Residential development within a district (Russia)

Residential Estate at Oktyabrskaya Embankment (Russia)

Residential estate in Kronshtadt (Russia)

Residential estate in Lenexpo district (Russia)

Residential estate project in Lenexpo district (Russia)

Residential estate within a living district (Russia)

Residential quarters at Galernaya Harbor (Russia)

Retreat center for the visually impaired (Iceland)

Sasayum Community Market (Indonesia)

School for 1,100 students in the former factory (Russia)

Secondary school for 1,100 students (Russia)

Section house (Russia)

Sensory Horizons – Empordà Polis Eco Village. Design concept (Catalonia, Spain)

Serva Commune (Indonesia)

Shrimp Cafe (Russia)

SPA in the mountains (Georgia)

Sport Complex (India)

Sports and wellness center in Tomsk (Russia)

Student campus (Russia)

Sunlight Museum (Russia)

Survive in Your Own Land — Horticultural Farming (Indonesia)

Sustainable high-rise development at Cherkavsky Peninsula (Russia)

TATLIN park pavilion (Russia)

Tehran Cultural Center (Iran)

Tennis club – interior design project (Russia)

The Hive Complex (Iran)

The Villa of Hope (Iran)

Training and laboratory uptown campus for SPBGASU (Russia)

Une Papillon Airport (Russia)

Urban villa in Lembolovo (Russia)

Villa Teyuna (Colombia)

Waste recycling complex (Russia)

Waving Bus Stop or Stay Place (Colombia)

Wellness and recreation center in Samara (Russia)

Zhivar clinic (Iran)

15. Best Project of Public Space by Student

Agro-tourist farm (Poland)

Apple garden in Pskov — design and beautification (Russia)

Atrium of the Levashovo Airport (Russia)

Atrium premises of the technology park and training center for the Herzen State Pedagogical University — interiors (Russia)

Beautification in the heart of the village (Russia)

Beautification of the Velikaya Embankment (Russia)

Beautification of Velikaya Embankment (Russia)

Beautification project for Pisa (Italy)

Belka and Strelka — a hardscaping set for the Northern Valley Residential (Russia)

Biodiversity Research centre & Institute (Mumbai, India)

Bridge and Walls (Italy)

Building in Ryazan renovated to become a public space (Russia)

Center of contemporary art in Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

Children's Healing-Educational Garden as Humans Life Shelter (Iran)

Children’s library in Kingisepp — interior design project (Russia)

Concert hall for 900 people (Russia)

Coworking space design for employee satisfaction (Iran)

E + S + A for Education + Science + Art (Russia)

Embankment and square at the Southern Cape in Sortavala — public spaces development (Russia)

Exhibition and research pavilion at the Volga (Russia)

Gatchina as the new capital of the Leningrad Region (Russia)

Gorky central city library — interior design (Russia)

Goteborg Plades (Copenhagen, Denmark) 

Granite quarry in Karelia — Renovation (Karelia, Russia)

Green enclosure for public gardens of St. Petersburg (Russia)

Ingí-Andé Ecotourism Bioportal, Amazonian paradise Orito-Putumayo (Colombia)

Interior design for the culture and exhibition venue in St. Anna Church (Russia)

Interiors for the Herzen University technopark (Russia)

Kayaking village (Russia)

Kobona: The Road of Life — tourist center (Russia)

Leisure and communication center (Russia)

Marawi Church: Redesigning the Roman Catholic in an Islamic City (Philippines)

Mixed-use cultural and leisure estate (Russia)

More than a courtyard — beautification concept for ITMO (Russia)

Multifunctional facility that includes readjusted workshops of the Radishchev Tannery (Russia)

Multifunctional library in Ivangorod (Russia)

Museum of Emotions (Russia)

Nadin cultural center (Iran)

Oasis administrative building in Gelendzhik Airport — interior design (Russia)

Okkervil Park (Russia)

Okkervil Park (Russia)

One level of a children’s library (Russia)

Pasren Rahayu (Indonesia)

Pisa Sea Gate (Italy)

Porcelain factory — regeneration (Yaroslavl Region, Russia)

PORTA DEGATIA — Embankment in Pisa (Italy)

Praetervehor (Indonesia)

Prospect Doblesti Metro Station (Russia)

Public and business centre in Rzhevka-Porokhovye district (Russia)

Public center in the industrial sector of the Belarus Station under reconstruction (Russia)

Public spaces beautification concept for Sortavala (Russia)

Raivola (Russia)

Rearrangement of the Farforovsky Post Premises (Russia)

Reconstruction of the technology park and training center for the Herzen State Pedagogical University (Russia)

Recovery of Port Vladimir Settlement in the Murmansk Region (Russia)

Renovation of Vanyukovs Estate with readjustment of the surrounding grounds (Russia)

Restorative Environments Regeneration: A Solution for Equality and Refuge (Iran)

Revitalization and beautification of urban spaces — Livery Courtyard, Museum, and Square (Russia)

River Gates of St. Petersburg — Renovation (Russia)

Shuvalovs Estate in St. Petersburg — restoration and readjustment (Russia)

Silent Garden (Indonesia)

Sofeh Mountain Park Entrance (Iran)

Sortavala. Embankment and park along Lenina and Parkovaya streets (Russia)

Suburban campus of St. Petersburg State University of Civil Engineering (Russia)

Sun’s Lullaby Park (Russia)

Sustainable city between sea and land (Yemen)

Svabhava Contemplation Centre (Indonesia)

Teplovodsky Channel — public amenities designed for the teens (Russia)

The Green Healing Clinic (Iran)

Theater Festival in the Sunlight Park (Russia)

Trade pavilions in Ryazan “trading town” (Russia)

Transpace (Indonesia)

Transport hub in Krasnoyarsk (Russia)

Turned to ashes (Russia)

Urban development plan for the relocation of homes at risk (Colombia)

VERST — Tosno central library (Russia)

World of Water – museum complex in Saratov (Russia)

Сentral Kingisepp library – interior design (Russia)

16. Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

A fireplace, a friso, and some furniture inserts for a private residence (Russia)

Ceramic facade panels of the Church of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Matveevskoye (Moscow, Russia)

Ceramic icon featuring Martyr George Victorious for the temple facade in Gzhel (Russia)


Chapari restaurant (Iran)

CLOUDS panel (Russia)

Facade decorations for the Protecting Veil of Our Most Holy Lady Temple outside Moscow (Russia)

Facade mosaics of the Cathedral Mosque in Kogalym (Russia)

Facades of Russian school (Tajikistan)

Fireplace for a villa in Aprelevka (Russia)

Garden of Eden — mirror for a private residence (Russia)

Handmade ceramic panels for Notes Gastronomy & Bar (Azerbaijan)

Larks House (Russia) 

Lucky Star (Vologda, Russia)

Parco del Boschetto Villa Community (Russia)

Serbian and Russian Anguishes Memento in Jasenovac Monastery (Croatia)

Silver Pines house (Russia)

Tarang (Gujarat, India)

Yalda Banoo (Iran)

17. Best Design Project for Library

«La Charapa» Public Library (Peru)

Central City Library in Kommunar Town — Renovation (Russia)

Children’s library – interior design project (Russia)

Interiors of Orsk Library Department No. 5 (Russia)

Iranian Art Library and Culture Center (Iran)

Izmailovskaya Library, part of Lermontov Central Library (Russia)

Konstantin Paustovsky Central Library (Russia)

Library in Nikolskoye Arts School (Russia)

Library Number 1 named after Nadezhda Krupskaya — interiors reconstruction (Russia)

Library on the River Karpovka (Russia)

LIST Culture and Library Center (Russia)

Nokha Garden Library (India)

NOTA library and culture center (Russia)

Portal – the library multimedia facility (Russia)

Public Library (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Readjusting the United Bank of Nordic Countries into a library (Leningrad Region, Russia)

Rehabilitation of Saint-Nicolas Church (Antwerp, Belgium)

Renovation of Esenin Library (Russia)

Rooms of Dmitry Likhachev Library — Reconstruction (St. Petersburg, Russia)

The Cube Library (Cuba)

Transformation of Affiliate 1 of Pushkin Volkhov Culture and Information Library Center (Russia)

18. Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

«La Transparencia Es» (Mexico)

1921. 100th Anniversary of the Kronshtadt Revolt. Exodus (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Alexander Blok Memorial in Dekabristov Street (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Arca Sonora: weaving landscapes (Spain)

Cardboard Garden (Russia)

Eclipse Garden (Russia)

Fyodor Dostoyevsky Memorial (Kaluga Region, Russia)

Karelian way / Karielan Tie (Russia)

La grande torre (Russia)

Memorial sign for Peter Nikitin, an outstanding Russian architect from the 18th century (Russia)

Memorial to all pilots who died in the Great Patriotic War (Russia)

Memorial to dramatist Alexander Moiseyevich Volodin (Russia)

Memorial to Major General Minigali Shaimuratov, National Hero of Bashkortostan (Russia)

Memorial to Oleg Kuvayev (Russia)

Memorial to Seraphim of Sarov in Diveyevo (Russia)

Memorial to the fallen Internationalist Soldiers in Uvarovo (Russia)

Mikhail Khilkov Memorial in the Gatchina Court (Russia)

Monument to Peter the Great in front of the River Station building (Russia)

Mr. Orange (Iran)

Nest (Russia)

River of Architectural Life – Installation at ARCH MOSCOW 2023 (Russia)

Roll On, Time – art object in Gorky Park (Russia)

The August Sister of Mercy, memorial plaque (Russia)

The Float (Italy)